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Hello there and welcome to our Sonic Games arcade site dedicated to the one and only rebel without a cause, Sonic the Hedgehog! At this site you can browse through our extensive collection of Sonic Games and play all your favorite games!

For those of you who remember, Sonic games the Hedgehog was created by the awesomely inventive game developers over at SEGA way back in the 80s. Soon Sonic developed a cult following after his cartoon started to show on primetime TV.

It was a sad day for SEGA and Sonic fans when the gaming company retired from the game console production business, but cult heroes never die, and soon Sonic could be found everywhere including on the internet.


Sonic Games is brought to you by those die-hard fans that refuse to let the charming hedgehog pass into game console history, and have developed this site for all those other fans who love to play Sonic the Hedgehog games. The collection here is impressive, and has some of the most popular games as well as newer ones for you to play.

We are continuously hunting for games to add onto our extensive game library, and endeavor to ensure not only a variety of games but also those that are born through newer and more impressive technology.

So take your time and peruse our site. You’ll find that we not only have just Sonic the Hedgehog games but some that combine other cult favorites like Tetris and Super Mario. Have fun and don’t forget to tell your friends about us!




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